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Transformation Hub

What is
Transformation Hub?

With the Transformation Hub (T-HUB), Mavim offers a packaged solution that empowers you to align your change initiatives with the strategic vision of your organization. T-HUB has been adopted by EY and Microsoft, and Projectum is going to help Mavim build the Microsoft Project Online engine to translate strategy into effective project execution with the combined power of T-HUB, and a working solution for Project & Portfolio Management (PPM).

Key Benefits and Features

The T-HUB offers an interactive business portal to manage transformation programs, by integrating & aligning strategy and operation with smart technology. It facilitates collaboration across an organization in order to achieve seamless adoption throughout the company. The T-HUB provides a structured and pragmatic approach with smart technology that gives enterprises the golden ticket to a restructured future.

Built with the business end-user in mind, Mavim has creates a highly intuitive software that Gartner calls “BPA for the masses”. Because it works in the same way as the Microsoft product suite, it is simple to establish end-user adoption n a wide-scale.

Get a running start on your digital transformation with the industry standard best practice frameworks available in the Mavim Software. Utilize the pre-configures models to give shape to your journey and ensure that your transformation makes it successfully from strategy to execution.

Collaboration is made easy with the Mavim SharePoint/Office365 and Yammer integration. Managing all information from one single source enables clear communication to stakeholders in order to ensure collaboration, adoption and ultimately, change.

Align and integrate changes for business and IT
Manage projects within time and budget, and to deliver real business value
Maintain the changes made
Projectum adopts framework for
Transformation Management

“With Transformation Hub, we hope to offer a relevant framework for the largest organizations in Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands, in turn making a Microsoft PPM Solution even more relevant for innovative companies.”


Peter Kestenholz, Founding Partner, Projectum

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